App I’m addicted to now: Pinterest

What is the app you’re addicted to now? For me, nope, it’s not Pokemon GO! And Facebook falls below this app on my list.

My addiction currently don’t really follow the trends. But to me, this app is my daily entertainment and helps me to get through the day.

I’m addicted to Pinterest app! I have the app installed on my iPhone since 2-3 years back and I’ve been using it every morning and evening.

What makes me so into this app is because the enormous amount of information from different category. You can basically find a lot of inspiration for recipes, books, design, craft, even career and personal development articles.

Additional point is that all the information are shown in a glance through cover pictures. You can either get the whole information from the cover pictures (just one tap or click away) or get more details by tapping or clicking the cover pictures.

You can create your custom boards and pin the information you need into it. Pinterest even allow you to create a secret board where you can pin all the information without your connections seeing it. Isn’t that cool?


Pinterest Desktop
Pinterest Desktop

I visit the Quotes and Food & Beverages categories a lot. Almost every day I’ll look for motivation quotes to cheer myself up or cake recipe ideas. It’s fun to browse all this nice pictures.

If you’re more serious user, you can make use the Analytics feature to see your pin performances.

Pinterest Analytics
Pinterest Analytics


What about you? What app is your addiction now?

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