How I entered the tech field

How I entered tech field
How I entered tech field

Recently I’ve heard so many of my friends are moving to tech field. Some of them know where exactly they want to go, some of them are not sure where to start. They often asked me how did I start in tech field and ask for recommendation. So here is my story, in brief. It’s not that fantastic like other smart people, but this was how I entered the tech field.

I’ve been working in IT field for more than 8 years now. I’ve tried programming, quality assurance, MIS and network roles so far.

I started to have interest in IT when I was in senior high school actually when I learned about programming in Pascal. I had good score too so I can say that I’m good at computer major. Besides taking up lesson school I also joined the computer club as extracurricular activity and joined multiple inter school competitions, also the Olympic game for programming. Though we didn’t have much winning but it’s really a good experience for me. It really opened my eyes on how fascinating IT world could be. I met so many smart people who were better than me and I learned from them. Oh, I managed to secure top 5 in my region for the Olympic game by the way :D.


In university time, I took IT major and luckily I got partial scholarship from the school. We learned a lot of programming and my specialty was in .Net. However, on my last year, I picked up some web programming in PHP and built interest on it. I even took a small project in web programming as a side gig to earn extra income.  During the internship time, I scored a job in Singapore, did some programming work and started to learn about Linux.


After I graduated, my employer offered me a job in quality assurance role to test the in-house-built application. I really improved my knowledge in Linux and networking here. I even took CCENT certification on my own money because I think it’s gonna be useful to have. After few years then I moved to MIS & support role. The role was to manage the office infrastructure. I meddled a lot with Microsoft Active Directory, VMware and Cisco Unified Communications.


Lastly, which is my current job, I moved to networking field in a bank. I got  a culture shock in the beginning because I moved from vendor environment to client environment, from less strict environment to stricter environment, etc. Luckily my colleagues helped me to survive the adaptation period.


Like many people say, IT field is definitely a huge and dynamic world. It has so many specializations and it always change every time. What you learn now in average will be obsolete in 3 years time. So, that is why (I think) most of IT certifications averagely last for only 3 years. After 3 years, you need to refresh your knowledge and take another renewal, which is costly.


If you want to enter IT or tech field, you need to know where you want to gain knowledge from and what you like. Getting qualification in IT is absolutely expensive, so you better be clear before you pay for anything. You can start from the IT trend that you’re following or you have interest with and dig deeper on the technology behind it.


Once you know what you want to do, try to browse around for the available courses. You can try some online introduction courses first, like my favorite ones below: